Motivational Quotes session 1

Motivational Quotes

10 Motivational Quotes to Help You Achieve Your Dreams

1 :- Never Lose hope. You Never Known What tomarrow may bring.

2. Sunset Is the Proof that endings can be beautiful too.

3. Don't accept others definition of life.
     its Your Life, Definite yourself, the
     way you love it to be yourself, 
      because none know about you
      better than you.

4.  Never announce your moves before you make them,
     move is silence and shock them with success.

5. If you only focus on the problem,
    you might miss the easy solution.

6. Failure will necer overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.

7. Has Fortune dealt you some bad cards.then let wisdom make      you a good gamester.

8. Life is so much simpler when you stop explaining yourself to
    people and just do what work for you.

9. Accept what is. go of what was. And have faith in what will be.

10. Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will        fall behind you.

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