How to Add Guest Post System in your Blog/Website

Hey viewer,

If You want to add a guest post button in your blog. 

Than, you need to know some coding, but,  Your Big B is here so, why to learn coding.

Today, I will give You a full Script of submit the Guest post button.

But, I worked very hard to Write and learn this script so i will charge some little money from you to get the guest post button., you can scroll down and mail me.

What is Guest posting? 

First of all: we should characterize our terms. "Guest posting" implies composing and distributing an article on another person's site or blog.
I offer this all alone webpage (at times) and do it a considerable amount on different web journals with gatherings of people that I need to address. It's an extraordinary method to interface with new perusers and get your name out.
In any case, for a very long time, I neglected this basic train for growing a prominent blog. I wish I hadn't. Also, I trust you won't.


   Guest posting is awesome for web indexes 

The one non-debatable you ought to have for Guest posting is this:

The host blogger must incorporate a connection to your blog in the post some place (as a rule toward the start or end).

After some time, these backlinks will raise the estimation of your blog to web indexes, making your substance less demanding to discover by means of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

What about people guest-posting on Your Website?

I'm additionally a fanatic of enabling other individuals to visitor post without anyone else site every once in a while. You ought to consider offering visitor posting on your blog, as well (in the event that you don't as of now).

In case you're requesting chances to Guest post on others' web journals, this equitable bodes well. It permits the relationship you've created with the host blogger to be shared.

A few bloggers will even blog about their Guest  post and connection to it from their own blog (giving you some great link juice). Personally, I’m a fan of this practice..

Because i worked hard for it, you can see the the Guest post option on you screen and see the theme of the Guest post,

 so you can worth this , and really i like this method just because whenever I'm not free ,then i cannot upload New post ,

 Than just copy the article of your guest and put it in your blog  and give the credit to the people .it will help them and help you also

IT will cost Around $7, if you want then contact me on this Email:,

you will also subscribe by providing your Email Address... on header section

I will shortly reply you back.

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