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have you heard about Instagram’s new app, IGTV? Well, I am sure you have. But, would you like to learn all about its launch, how it works and how to build your presence on it?
I don’t doubt that you do.
Instagram was launched in 2010, but the video feature wasn’t introduced until 2013. At first, you could only upload clips that were up to 15 seconds long. The duration was then raised to 60 seconds. But now Instagram has launched a new app called IGTV where you can upload videos that are up to an hour long.
IGTV will help Instagram compete better with social networks like Facebook and YouTube. Statistically, 45% of people spend more than an hour watching videos each week on both these networks.

As you can see in the above screenshot, IGTV categorizes videos into four sections. These are For YouFollowingPopular and Continue Watching.
In the For You section, you will find videos that Instagram recommends specifically to you based on your activities. In the Following section, you can see the latest videos from the people you follow and the popular feed is very similar to Instagram’s explore feed as you see the most popular videos on the network. In the Continue Watching section, you will find videos you haven’t finished watching so that you can pick up from where you left.
There is also a search field where you can search for new videos.
A major difference you will notice on IGTV compared to other popular video social networking apps like YouTube is that the videos are portrait orientated i.e. their height is more than their width.

This might be because portrait videos look better on mobile devices which is the only way to access this network currently. It could also be because over the past few years we have grown more accustomed to selfies and vlogs.

ow to create a channel on IGTV and upload videos

To create your channel on IGTV, click on the tool icon next to the search field first.
IGTV Settings
In the popup menu that appears click on ‘Create Channel’.
Create IGTV Channel
Then click on ‘Next’ on the next two pages that appear. And after that click on ‘Create Channel’ to create your own channel.
Your channel will be created and your profile picture will appear in the place where the gear icon was earlier present. If you click on this you can check out your channel.
Here you can see all the videos you have uploaded.
To add videos you can click on the ‘+’ icon next to Browse and choose the videos you would like to upload from your device.

How to Create an IGTV channel from your computer

You can also create your IGTV channel on your computer. To do this go to your Instagram account page and click on the IGTV tab.
Create an IGTV channel from computer
Then click on the blue ‘Get Started’ button.
Then click on ‘Next’ on the following two pages.

Now set up your IGTV channel

When a social network is in its early stages, engagement will always be at its highest. As time goes by more people join and the amount of competition and content begins to escalate rapidly. This is when social networks begin updating algorithms that can decrease exposure to your posts.
For example, take a look at the current top social networks like Facebook and Instagram. You don’t get the same amount of engagement as you used to.
This is why when a social network is new, you should take advantage of it immediately and drive high levels of engagement and gain as many followers as you can. More followers will help you tide unfavorable algorithms with ease in the future.
So, sign up for IGTV today and set up your channel. It can be done in minutes. Creating quality content shouldn’t be a difficult trek either, as I have shown above brands and influencers from different walks of life are making the most of it with ease.
Have you used IGTV? What do you think about it? How are you using it to promote your business? Please leave your comments below.

What type of videos should you publish on IGTV?

The types of videos you can publish on IGTV are endless. As IGTV is a new social network, engagement levels are currently very high. You should join and experiment with different ideas. It will help you determine what works best. Here are a few ways some brands and influencers are using IGTV.

How does IGTV work?

At the moment IGTV can only be accessed via mobile devices. If you haven’t already installed Instagram on your device, you can access it by downloading and Installing the IGTV app. They have apps for Android and iOS devices.

But if you have already installed the Instagram app on your device you can click on the ‘TV’ icon in the top right of your screen to go to IGTV.
This icon appears black and white most of the time, but when new videos are available it goes colorful.
As soon as you visit the app’s home page, you will notice that videos start playing just like on a TV as Kevin Systorm mentioned in his introductory post on the Instagram press site. Here, the channels are the people you follow.

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